Need help with your book? Here’s a handy list of resources, from editing to cover design, to meet all your publishing needs. All editors are highly qualified and would love to help you polish your manuscript to the best it can be. Be sure to tell your editor who sent you!

Copy Editors

Audrey Mackaman
Audrey Mackaman Edits

Audrey Mackaman holds a BA in English Lit./Creative Writing from Beloit College and a Copy Editor’s certificate from the University of Washington. She is the founder of Audrey Mackaman Editing has been copy editing and proofing manuscripts for five years. She also does some graphic design for cover, bookmarks, and business cards, as well as social media.

Sheryl Madden

Sheryl Madden offers proofreader, copy editing, line editing, and content editing services.

Developmental Editors

Sean Fletcher
Andrea Hurst & Associates

Sean Fletcher primarily focuses in developmental book editing in the areas of adult and YA fiction, specializing in the following genres: Sci-Fi, fantasy, thriller, and most areas of contemporary fiction. Sean assists authors in building multidimensional characters, engaging plots, original voices, and deep themes across all age groups.



Rebecca Berus

Rebecca Berus graduated from Loyola University Chicago magna cum laude with degrees in Advertising/Public Relations and English with a creative writing concentration. She founded 2Market Books in 2014 to assist authors with marketing plans, price promotions, blog tours, giveaways and social media marketing.


Book Design

Paula L. Johnson

Paula Johnson provides a range of creative services including book cover design and page design for fiction and nonfiction works. She also designs websites for authors and creates graphics for Facebook fan pages and other social media profiles. Visit her website to see samples of her work and to join her email list.