WHY DO WE WRITE? by Avis Rector

Why do we write? Because we have something to say, and everyone who publishes a book or has stories in the anthologies, wants people to read them.  Customers like to meet and talk with authors. We all need to help at the markets.
Below is one of several responses I’ve received from our customers. Sometimes I might be a bit too pushy, but it’s fun to make new friends. I’m glad I have my email on my card so they can respond.
Hello Avis,

On Mother’s Day weekend, my husband and I were visiting our daughter and husband who live in Lynnwood, and we came over to Whidbey Island for the day. We planned to have lunch in Coupeville at the OysterCatcher. We just happened to park by the Farmer’s Market and decided to walk through. I was lagging behind the rest of my family, looking at something, when a charming and beautiful lady walked out of a booth, and said, “You look like you need a new book to read! I have just the book for you!”

Well, as you probably remember, that lady was you, and I don’t know why, but I took a chance and bought your book. Just finished it today, and truly, truly enjoyed it! I have only been to Whidbey Island twice, but it just seems like a wonderful place. It was good to take a historical fictional tour of your island in the 1930s. Thank you for writing it, and thank you for stopping a stranger, who looked like she needed to read your book. You were right!

Blessings to you, Pam

7 thoughts on “WHY DO WE WRITE? by Avis Rector

  1. You’re not a bit pushy, Avis. You see a need and you fill it. This woman obviously needed a book right then, and you are so empathetic that you noticed that she did. I’ll bet after reading the e-mail from Pam, other members of the group will be recruiting you to spot stollers at the Farmer’s Market who need their books.

    It must have been gratifying to you to get this e-mail. It’s gratifying to me to read it.

  2. I found your book, Pauline, in Oak Harbor, WA at Island Drugstore, and read it cover to cover in record time. Enjoyed every page, and while I live here now, I have only been here ten years, so it was great to hear about time gone by. You did such a great job of telling the story, and making the reader feel like they were actually there; then. Very descriptive writing. A sequel would really be wonderful! Hope to hear about one soon!
    Thank-you for taking the time to write this!

    1. Thank you, Sandra. I enjoyed writing Pauline and it is inspiring to me to get you comments. I hope to have time to write a sequel. Many folks want to know what happens to Jenny and Rupert, if Pauline with have the child she desperately wants.

  3. Hello. I have lived on Whidbey Island for the past twenty three years and a librarian at the Coupeville library suggested I contact you regarding my search for a possible author that would be interested in writing a book for me. If there is an interest I would be happy to provide a more detailed explanation regarding this search I am on. In a mere nut shell these few web sites can provide a brief understanding of who I am and why I am searching for an interested author…

    http://www.google.com “pat rodden in the Seattle times”

    These people I know and they plus a number of others have stayed at my home in Coupeville…
    http://www.google.com “Translate French to English”
    http://www.google.com “pat rodden”
    Please note that after living for more than nineteen months in Harbor View in downtown Seattle and near Providence hospital in Everett. During this time I was completely Comatose. I had to be taught like a very young child. I was in a wheelchair for just over a year, took three months of ‘training’ me to verbally talk when I said my first word.

    If we meet or chat you will be amazed what I went threw and how well I recovered to this day.

    Feel free to ask a number of people about me if that is of help. Pretty much any librarian at the Coupeville library can answer many different questions about me if you like.
    All the past,

    Pat Rodden
    16b Front Street
    Coupeville, WA

    1. Hi Pat,

      Your journey — very interesting and I think it is worthy of a fine story. I’m very involved in work on my farm and writing the sequel to Pauline.
      I wish you luck in finding another writer.


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